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Otaru Rue Ironai Fromage

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Fromage Cookies inspired by the nostalgic atmosphere of old Western-style houses on Rue Ironai.
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We proudly present fromage cookies made from a carefully selected recipe and formula. We use the same cheese as in the double fromage, which is said to have changed the standard of what constitutes a cheesecake. The perfect combination of mascarpone, cream cheese from Italy and LeTAO’s original rich fresh cream from Hokkaido renders this fromage cookie into beautifully tasting harmony.

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Chocolate (Lactose, Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, cheese powder, Vegetable oil and fat, sugar), flour, sugar, egg, Margarine, Mascarpone cheese, cheese powder, butter, fresh cream, cheese food, Emulsifier, essence, Coloring(Carotene), (including some of soybeans)


Milk, eggs, wheat, soy

Storage condition

Store at 28 ℃ or less.

Serving condition

Avoid the humidity, cool dark place, below 28℃


10 pieces, 18 pieces, 24 pieces

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